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Homemade Glazed Donuts

Homemade Glazed Donuts If you follow me on social media, you know that last week I was neck deep in donuts.  If you were lucky you might've gotten to taste one of these donuts too!  These donuts are perfectly tender, sweet, and airy on the inside.   Some people are scared away by the yeast donut and stick to a baked cake donut.  I'm here to tell you that yeast is not scary, yes it's alive and can easily be killed but it's probably easier than keeping a plant alive.  As long as you buy high-quality yeast, and don't overheat your water, everything will be fine!   TIP:   I always try my best to get the blooming liquid at exactly 115* because that's where I've had the best success.  Any hotter than 115* and you will kill your yeast and any cooler than 110* your yeast will not activate. Not sure if your yeast is alive?   When you activate your yeast in a warm liquid it should begin to bubble up and have a fro thy look to it.  When you smell it, it should have a d

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Louisiana in 3 Hours

New Orleans, Louisiana The next stop on my road trip to California was New Orleans, and this might have been my favorite stop of the trip. Maybe. We only had a few goals on this quick stop; beignets, chicory coffee, Bourbon street.  Success! We did make all of this happen in just 3 short hours.  The adventure began... with parking. A complete disaster that took 30 minutes within itself, but once that was secured, it was onto Cafe du Monde.  You can get beignets at a number of cafes in the area, but we wanted the entire experience.  We read our rule book the night before, yes there are actually certain rules you should know before heading into the cafe. Don't wear black.  The massive amount of powdered sugar WILL end up all over your black shirt or pants, stick to light colors! Know what it is you want to order, you'll really only see your server twice, once for the order, again with your food and the bill.   With that, an order of beignets has 3 beignets,

Mississippi in 12 Hours

Mississippi To start, did anyone else not know that "Mississippi Mud Pie" isn't even from Mississippi?  I was on a hunt to find some of this famous dessert and after looking online at every restaurant and bakery in Biloxi, I got nowhere.  So I started looking into the history of the dessert and I found out that a "Mud Pie" was invented in San Fransisco by  Joanna Chiyo in 1957.  Right before that in 1953 "Mississippi Mud" referred to any kind of chocolate pudding, because it looked like the muddy banks of the Mississippi River.   But before all of that there was a song titled; " MISSISSIPPI MUD" by James Cavanaugh in 1927, and somehow between all of these things there became the "Mississippi Mud Pie" which has literally nothing to do with state itself, and no you cannot find a "Mississippi Mud Pie" in Biloxi Mississippi. Okay, I can move forward now, I just needed to get that whole pie thing off my chest. 

Stout Molasses Cake

Stout Molasses Cake: 163g. Guinness Beer 56.5g. Vegetable Oil 113.5g. Molasses 2 ea. Eggs, whole 1.2g. Baking Powder 42.5g. Sugar 35.5g. Brown Sugar 149g. Bread Flour pinch Salt 7.5g. Spice Mix (Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg) Method of Procedure: Sift together dry ingredients and place them in a mixing bowl Whisk together wet ingredients in a separate mixing bowl. Blend dry and wet ingredients together, until smooth. Pour batter into a ½ sheet pan, lined with parchment paper. For a thicker cake pour it into a ¼ sheet pan. Bake at 350F. Chefs Notes: A cake can be the main component of a dish or an extra element to add; visual, flavor or textural contrast to a plate. When using as an extra element be sure to cut down on the portion size, so it doesn’t take over the main component. The stout cake has a very specific flavor that can help bring contrast to a dish. Also in my case, pairing it with a soft mousse, the c

Chocolate and Tempering

Chocolate and Tempering: Tempering chocolate is creating stable crystals in cocoa butter by controlling the heating and cooling temperatures.  If done properly, the cocoa butter should set up quickly (3 minutes), and be smooth, shiny and create a good mouthfeel.  The controlled heating and cooling temperatures are as follows:   Type of Chocolate: Heating Temperature: Cooling Temperature: Dark 122F 90F Milk 115F 88F White 115F 86F Chefs Notes: Good quality chocolate for tempering is a minimum of 30% cocoa butter.  This is referred to as the coventure, which translates to; “to cover” in French. 30%  Cocoa butter is called coventure because of it’s perfectly smooth consistency when melted, making it good for “covering.”  Any cocoa butter from 22%- 25% is considered to be your “regular” chocolate you would find in say a Hershey bar.   The two ways you may potentially have problems while tempering are fat bloom and sugar bloom.  Fat bloom is a separa

Life Update

Hello Everyone!  If you follow me on social media, you might've seen some of my recent dessert pictures.  Those photos were captured in my "Advanced Pastry" class that I just completed.  This class covered chocolates, frozen desserts, mousses, custards, and plating.  I took this class as a Sunday lab, this means I took it for four Sundays from 7am-7pm. My class began with nine students and by day two, we were down to six! I really enjoyed having this mini-class because it was extra hands-on because everyone got to do everything!  The final for this class had a hands-on practical, combined with a written exam.  I finished the class with a 19/20 on the practical portion and 95% on the written exam. I have tons of recipes to share with you all.  As a part of my practical, I actually had to make a packet of all of my typed notes and converted recipes with pictures.  So I'm working on getting those all into blog posts for you all!  I'm super excited about all of the

Chocolate Crumble

Chocolate Crumble: 14g. Cocoa Powder 35.5g. Granulated Sugar 64g. Pastry Flour 35.5g. Butter, melted Pinch Salt Method of Procedure: Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Slowly add the melted butter and mix with your hands to combine.   Do not overmix, you want crumbs, not powder. Bake between 300-325F for approximately 10-15 minutes. Stir halfway through to ensure even baking. Chefs Notes: Soils can be used for many reasons on a complete plate.  They provide a textural contrast between the elements, as the soil is crunchy.  They can add an additional subtle flavor to the dish or create a color contrast by adding nuts of any kind, graham crackers or other flavorings.   Soils can be used to hold a frozen component such as ice cream or sorbet by stabilizing the frozen component and avoiding it from sliding.  When used with ice cream it will also help to absorb any melting ice cream, to keep your plate looking clean for a slightly lon